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Pune catholics react to Pope's resignation

Sakal Times, February 13, 2013

City Catholics react to Pope’s resignation
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 AT 11:27 AM (IST)
PUNE: Catholics in the city have expressed shock over the news of Pope Benedict XVI resignation but yet hailed it as a 'right move' considering his failing health.
Speaking to Sakal Times, Pune Bishop Thomas Dabre said he was deeply saddened to hear the news of the Pope's retirement.
“I have met Pope Benedict four times at the Vatican and once in Jerusalem and I was deeply impressed with his personality, spirituality and intellect. I have read many of his books which reveals his clarity of thoughts and scholarship."
Sister Rekha, city-based Provincial Superior of the Assumption Sisters (India province) and professor at the Jnana-Deep Vidyapeeth, thinks Pope Benedict has willingly and without any external pressures decided to resign. “Pope Benedict has admitted his physical incapabilities. His resignation is a most unique step, clearly indicating he is totally detached from authority and power,” Sister Rekha added.
Sister Rekha who is the only woman elevated to the post of professor in any Catholic institution in the country said she had met Pope Benedict in 2002 when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. She said she also observed the Pope from a close distance while attending a three-week-long Bishops Synod held at the Vatican in October, last year. “I found him very gentle, understanding and humble,” she said.
Poona Catholic Association President Diago Almeida termed the resignation as "expected but sad". “I had attended a mass celebrated by Pope Benedict at St Peter's Square at the Vatican in 2011 and I found him very frail,” he said.
Almeida said he hoped a cardinal from the African continent will be elected as the new Pope. “Of the seven Indian Cardinals, only four are eligible for the papal post and none of them are claimant for the vacant post. So, the conclave of Cardinals should now elect a black Pope to give a new direction to the Catholic Church,” Almeida said.
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