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Rename Kedgaon railway station after Pandita Ramabai

‘Rename Kedgaon station after Pandita Ramabai’
CAMIL PARKHE | Monday, 10 April 2017 AT 01:54 PM IST
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Pimpri:  Lauding the contribution made by scholar and social activist Pandita Ramabai in various fields, author Anupama Ujgare here on Wednesday made a plea for renaming Kedgaon railway station after this great personality.

Ujgare was speaking at a function organised by Samkyukta Khrist Seva Mahasangh on the occasion of 95th death anniversary of Pandita Ramabai.  Church of North India’s Pune diocese Bishop Sharad Gaikwad presided over the function.

Ujgare said that Pandita Ramabai pioneered in various fields including social reforms for young widows and destitute women, women’s education and health and translation of the Bible from original Hebrew language into Marathi.

Pandita Ramabai had taken a stance against several prevalent social customs and was one of the few women delegates attending the session of the Indian National Congress held at the end of the 19th Century, she said.

Ujgare regretted that Pandita Ramabai’s pioneering contribution in various fields was ignored by many leaders and also historians as this great personality had converted to Christianity.

Samkyukta Khrist Seva Mahasangh leader pastor Rajesh Kelkar also spoke. Dr Amit Tribhuvan compered the programme.

About Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai (23 April 1858 – 5 April 1922) was a social reformer, a champion for the emancipation of women, and a pioneer in education. She revolted against many prevalent social evils and customs.  She was accorded the title of Pandita in Kolkata.

She participated in the freedom movement and was one of the 10 women delegates of the Indian National Congress session held in Mumbai in 1889
Ramabai  went to Britain  in 1883 where she embraced Christianity. From Britain she traveled to United States of America to attend the graduation of the first female Indian doctor, Anandibai Joshi (1886–88). Her books The High-Caste Hindu Woman was dedicated to Dr. Anandibai Joshi, who died in February 1887, less than six months after becoming a doctor.

In 1896 during a severe famine Ramabai sheltered thousands of outcast children, child widows, orphans, and other destitute women at her home in Kedgaon. She knew seven languages and also translated the Bible into Marathi language from the original Hebrew and Greek. She is the only woman to translated the Bible from these original languages to other language.

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission at Kedgaon provides housing, education, vocational training, and medical services to the needy  including widows, orphans, and the blind.
George Pattery - Monday, 10 April 2017 AT 04:33 PM IST
Pandita Ramabai deserves this honour for her intelligence, literary talent and religious commitment. I fully endorse the proposal. Dr. George Pattery
J.m.pithekar, s.j. - Monday, 10 April 2017 AT 03:02 PM IST
Every courageous suggestion , given so much prejudice n even persecution. Hope the group will peruse the matter.

Sharad Shankarrao Rotkar Nice idea Camil. Wouldn't it be better if a school is built to educate children in a remote village.
Sharad Shankarrao Rotkar It should be named after her and children in this school can be trained in various technical trades like welding, carpentry, electronics etc.

Sharad Shankarrao Rotkar Let Kedgaon be Kedgaon. Why not start such a school in Kedgaon?
Camil Parkhe Yes,,,Good suggestion...
Diago Almeida We only want to change names of places educational institutions can be started in her name
UnlikeReply19 hrs
Camil Parkhe Pandita Ramabai deserves this honour for her intelligence, literary talent and religious commitment. I fully endorse the proposal. Dr. George Pattery